Baby Blue

desiree baby blue








Our carefree and casual mood in spring guides us to pastel shades.The sun leads us to leave behind the black and gray clothes and wear anything is capable of changing our mood positively. If you are one of us, who cannot wait to wear COLOURFUL outfits every spring, then you should already have fallen in love with the baby blue color this year. Yes, it is official! This is the color of the season and we love it. It may look like a sweet and quiet color at first, but believe me, it has so much dynamism that it can directly transform your outfit without extra effort. That's why it catches the attention of all famous fashionistas and celebrities. 

Do you also love it?

Just check out the following combinations and find the elements that fit your personal style.











-If your goal is to reach the ultra chic look, then black with baby blue is the combination that you are looking for. Black in small doses can make your outfit intense. You can create the perfect look with a pencil line baby blue dress matched with a black blazer  and sandals. Bonus detail: Shine bright with metallic accessories  and upgrade your style.








 white baby blue desiree  



-Play with details to create a total white core look with a  white top and skinny white trousers  matched with a baby blue jacket and accessories.














total baby blue desiree





-Dare to wear a total baby blue look. Let it cover your from top to bottom and be stylish and chic. Just check out our suggestion: Straight line trousers  with a special  crop top. Upgrade it in a minute with metallic style cross body bag and sandals.