The Frill Seeker- Frill: the new trend

Βολάν Desiree

This year, the hottest designers did everything to

convince us that frills are back in fashion and must be worn.

We shouldn't deny it, after all, as playful frills can be sexy,

romantic or sophisticated, depending on how you will style

them. This year is their year, and we are ready to get

dynamic, confident and acquire undeniable sex appeal,

with frills in our everyday look.

Βολαν Desiree


Upgrade your daily look with frills

Do you want to go out in your favorite denim but

don't want to limit yourself with a conventional look?

Try matching it up with frill tops, creating a combination

with floral patterns or lace. This way, you can add

a touch of originality to your look, completing

a stylish outfit in a heartbeat.



Βολαν Desiree

Total Girly look

Frills create a sense of movement and look interesting,

they dance around us, looking daring and charming.

That is why this year you must dare to wear a total frill look.

Wear a ruffle top matched with a frill hem skirt and get that

playful look with a totally girly air. What is certain is that

you will turn heads, having a cute, feminine charm.

Βολαν Desiree

Safe classic choice


A mini dress in a classic silhouette, with frills

around the sleeves, is all you will need if you're looking

for a romantic-chic look, as it allows you to experiment

with frill through small but effective touches. It will give you

confidence and style, without any loud stylistic elements,

but with emphasis to elegant simplicity. 



Βολαν Desiree

Statement frill piece

As we've mentioned, frills are intense, feminine and airy.

They make your look eye-catching and work as an element

that generates interest. We suggest that you use frills to

power-up your outfits. A shirt with fabulous frills is enough

on its own to impress. Wear it with simple white trousers and

in mere moments you will have created an unpretentious

statement look, with zero effort.